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stoke summer

not yet, just a glimmer. bare legs ambitious.
i go walk around abney park cemetery often, dont know what season i prefer. winter is stark and brutally gorgeous but only if it snows, autumn obviously has coloured leaves which work well against the stone but then they too are turned to mush on the ground. summer is possibly the most beautiful, although i wasnt prepared for this spring.
spring has less meaning in australia; the winter is not cold enough or the summer fleeting enough for the metaphor to work. and here, already, the daffodils which were plump and juicy last weekend are starting to whither. so there’s another metaphor.
the weather omens were correct; just lost £16 on the steeple chase betting on the wrong horses; snowy morning and cloudy lane. if there had been a horse called squirrel i would be rich now.

daffodilsin nettlessquirrelIMG_0043

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  1. Meg wrote:

    You will take me here, yes?

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