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100 things

I like Canberra now, let’s move there.
because the sky was blue 3 days in a row and the lake and highways stretched out beneath me, and because I had 2 showers everyday and then drip-dried in a hotel room while watching First Dates and drinking mini beer cans and cups of tea. In between serious activities I went to a museum show called something seminal and superlative like ’100 objects of the world’, it was on loan from the British Museum which kind of embarrassed me at first but now I know that it is the basis for a fundamental and poignant Jeppe text I am embarrassed of my shame. each object had a backstory of trade/pillage/finance/industry/war/god/// and they were all connected by an invisible history-web in a shitty dark room in one of Canberra’s museum sheds. It made me consider what the 100 objects of my life would be, but I could only come up with one: a miniature vase that held a quite unpleasant chocolate truffle in Singapore in 1992 that I chose as a treat instead of a delicious mango sorbet so that I had something tangible to carry away with me. Hoping I wouldn’t make that decision again and that 10 year old me would be disappointed.

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