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plants growing on all the hard places

I woke up this morning to the sound of a thousand singing Serbian school children marching and waving flowers in the street outside the window. We are on the fifth floor, the top floor, it’s a penthouse that shakes in the wind. When a bus goes past on the street below it feels as though we are directly on top of it, and it sounds now like these school children are all around us. The buildings of Belgrade are all quite wrecked from the outside, chunks of concrete falling off, sandy balconies, twisted bricks. Around the corner is the former Ministry of Defence, NATO bombed in 99 and now being taken apart in contorted pieces like a sketchy Lebbeus Woods. So that building is still raw, but plants are growing on every other wall. I’m reminded of those landscape architects who, despite their profession, are obsessed with the wild (aren’t we all). This is a green roof. These are green walls. That’s an art gallery and sculpture park taken over by wild spring grasses and the fluffy white fur blown off the silver-leaf poplar.

demolishart gallery 03art gallery 02green roofbalconyclrumbling wall 01crumbling wall 03

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