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A triple process of individualisaton by Ulrich Beck:
1. liberation (from old functionalist roles)
2. disenchantment (reaction to stability lost through liberation)
3. reintegration (incomplete, ongoing development of new forms of social relations)
If we accept that the word individualisation is dampened and bound well within our wildest disappointments, this could also provide the language for a triple process of urban change (liberation from industrial functions, disenchantment disuse and depletion, and then conversion).

Anyway, if that is a structure for some kind of urban renewal/individualisation then the in-between splintered swamp of Melbourne’s west has so far been saved by its infrastructure and the remnants of a port. You ride through it on the first summer day in spring, realising that what you are seeing is really a visual of the past and things are already moving, being liberated and reintegrated by a stack of master plans. Like some kind of planning light-year metric.

We rode through the unbuilt future until we hit the coast then we took the train back into the northerly.



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