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If you run a built environment film studio in Melbourne then you are used to rendering high-rise apartment buildings and you are used to receiving comments from architects and developers saying MORE GREEN. add more green. the hand mark-ups often include green cumulus clouds of immense proportions drawn onto impossibly small balconies. Now that ‘no balconies’ is a pioneering residential development act (if only local authorities would be reasonable) the ledges for MORE GREEN become smaller and smaller, till the giant shrubs of architectural visualisation can only hope to take root in the cracks of the curtain wall. So if you run a built environment film studio your new and amazing fit-out should include more green, as much as possible, till you have built a render for working in. Here are the new Squint Opera offices, freshly completed and ready to grow.


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  1. Papa wrote:

    I know someone in desperate need of design help in Barcelona. At the moment a mural of zoo animals looks like the likely outcome. x

    Wednesday, July 8, 2015 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

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