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When we are born we are born with a bundle of shares. Their value, determined at birth by a formula of geography, genes and parental income, begins to fluctuate as strangers buy and sell. Maybe you start out at $1 a share and then at aged 8 you begin to develop longer than average legs, so your shares go up to $1.70 because there is now a greater possibility that you will become a model or a long distance runner. You can track your share value online. It’s reassuring to know that by regulation we will always retain a 51 percent share in ourselves. The rest we can sell. The aim is to raise your share price, then sell to raise cash to re-invest in raising your share price further. It’s easy and profitable to invest in other people. Brokers create balanced portfolios, or you can risk a 10, 20 percent stake in a genius or a future politician, you just have to pick them cheap and early¬†before they show any promise, and sell before they zip. Pick them when they are trouble-makers at school or when their early-20s shares crash in distraction, drugs, mental illness or inertia. And then sell sell sell when they get old, because few shares continue to rise after death.

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  1. meg wrote:

    This is the secret to understanding life, I love it. No sarcasm. x

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 11:44 pm | Permalink

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