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the styx

Spent Wednesday and Thursday looking at trees. Not normally my scene, but this is what the New Politics is about: opening up issues for a public dialogue, examining the facts… On Thursday, Bob Brown took me on a helicopter trip over the Styx Valley, a patchwork quilt of giant old trees, logged coups, plantation and regrowth. Five out of ten. Only the North Styx is worth protecting. Then we went over the Valley of the Giants, which was truly magnificent, one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Ten out of ten.

That’s from The Latham Diaries; Friday 19th March, 2004. Elsewhere it was reported that Latham sipped from the dark bronze styx river and said “fresh water, can’t beat it”; when asked what he thought of one or another trees replied “it’s a big tree”.
They are big trees. 80m tall and 400 years old. Not as tall as buildings. But imagine you have never seen a tall building and then look up.

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