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the vacant block

In Barcelona in August I AteWith a vegan Sicilian called Barbara. out on her terrace with a jug of watermelon gazpacho she told us that the etymology of vacaciones is vacant. she was trying to prove a point about relaxation and eustress and about lazy folk on holiday. No. the etymology of vacaciones is vacate. sitting on the beach is not vacant. work is vacant. eustress becomes stress. vacate is freedom.

the vacant block opposite our house has been full of promises for 2 years, but now it is being emptied. it’s taking them longer than you would expect. no wonder demolition is so expensive. Factor 8 men and 2 giant claw-tipped excavators into Developer Cat’s student housing feasibility. at night when the men were gone we climbed in behind the scaffolding and looked back at our house and the little grey face in our window. we rolled under the security gates and walked gently in a wide warehouse with toilet-paper streamers suspended in the trusses. we planned a rave and a film, and 2 guys with video cameras arrived with the summer weather. but, as usual, there was nothing to see in the bright daylight. t’was at once full of office furniture and completely vacant.


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