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the mercurial white czar of columbia road

we all know the hushed wealth of White Cat, we see it in the unfeasibly financed pizza parlours of our own South Carlton. but this is not what White Cat sees. like every dynamically creative over-lord he has high ego low self-esteem, he has mirror state and grandiose self, he has every psychological condition that leads to the replacement of “what is happening” with “what I am feeling”. he does not see a fluffy white cat, a high-risk property investor or a jazzy yacht owner in boat shoes splashing cash on multi-hemispherical ‘opportunities’. rather a mercurial white Czar of Columbia Road; blue-blooded, genetically bestowed with all the intelligence of the ages, a renaissance man, commanding witty conversations with any random video-artist who happens to be walking past twice a day. Only in White Cat’s mind it is no accidental walk-by but the pilgrimage of a regular dude to the aura of the remarkable.

whitecat 02

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  1. ferg wrote:

    Early one morning in La Rectoria de Sant Miquel, in rural Catalonia, I looked out the window and saw a white cat aloofly crossing a dewy lawn. The only moving thing – if we forget the ever present con trails catching the pre-dawn sun. By the time I grabbed my camera it was gone, leaving only footprints. I thought of you.

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 2:41 am | Permalink

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