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Joel and I have a joke about scaffolding in London: so much is shit and yet somehow, with a Peepshow-esque acceptance of the miserable, Londeners keep their humour. their train may have been late and full, and the rent on their mouldy flat might have gone up, and they may have had a Pret egg&cress sandwich at their desk for lunch. “but”, Joel and I would say in accurate accents, “at least the scaffolding isn’t leaking”.
there is a lot of scaffolding around London right now. some is surrounding the stupid amount of new buildings called Pinnacle and Altitude and Attitude and Pinstripe. then there is the scaffolding erected to prevent cars melting and doormats burning from the concentrated reflected rays magnified by a tower to make you cringe (Daily Mail link). further north the scaffolding holds up the crumbling remnants of almost-gone terraces. next time we visit we will wonder briefly what used to be there.


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  1. papaserra wrote:

    accurate accents. x

    Monday, September 9, 2013 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

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