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the edinburgh meta-aesthetic

2 years ago I went by train to Dumfries and this week up the other coast to Edinburgh to satisfy the great rail journey whim. as soon as we arrived we knew we wanted to move there, among the solid grey buildings, desolate north-east landscape, the Constable clouds, both Arthur’s Seat and lobster & chips within walking distance to the south and north respectively. our apartment had a large bath next to a thick Georgian window, framing views of intact rows. we are easily swayed. imagine deciding to move somewhere for their bath.
but the next day something went wrong and we decided not to live there. Edinburgh is like Venice; so much itself that there is no room for much else. I am relieved to live somewhere without an urban meta-aesthetic. the city of Melbourne has tried to brand itself year after year (shopping/triangles/food-as-culture/art-as-culture/sport-as-culture) and nothing has really stuck, leaving a sparseness and a freedom to be filled.

intact rowIMG_6933panorama low resIMG_6968

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