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australia one zero eight

it’s the drum roll of urbanisation- that 75% of world population who will live in cities by the next mid-century. the projections have application in everything from an easy claim to relevance lining the front and back of every essay I’ve ever read; to the justification for the height of a tower casting shadows on shrines to remembrance. by all accounts the flow from the rural is ceaseless, an inverted reflection of the first rush of planning, but historical predictions and their outcomes also evidence unintended consequences and unacknowledged variables. there are several approaches to planning and, because the grand ones are usually unhappy, we should be on the side of the reactionary and accept that all is merely a temporary solution.
a tower changes its name to reflect both a growing number of storeys and the numerical superstitions of Chinese culture, it is a chameleon and its height impacts the urban population (“we are the seventy-five percent”) as much and as little as a sliver of shadow on a sacrosanct mound 1000 metres away.

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