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food court

Now I spend my lunch breaks at the food court. does this depress you? it’s strange because I was educated all my life to dislike food courts. actually they are the pinnacle of inclusivity within the very narrow confines of profitable commercial development. I can go there alone, can spend $2 or $20. ok $2 is optimistic. but even if I didn’t buy anything there are enough outdoor seats and the space is so expansive and anonymous that I could just sit there, reading books about the privati$ation of our public space if I wanted, and I would not be nervous that the 18 year old clearing tables would ask me to leave.
It’s also droll because I was likewise educated to deride South Banks and North Banks and any other river-edge developments where homogeneous retail restaurant tenancies line up behind relentlessly diverse architectural facades to try to profit from the promenading tourists. but I rode home along South Bank last night (unlike London’s older version here are DDA level surfaces) and it was calm and lively, like a busy creek in spring.


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