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we havent reached even the middle of the beginning of data visualisation, of a global community, or of sustainable urbanism. so even as we are impressed by the work of artists and scientists who have managed to capture, for a moment, the unfocused concentration of a city, we can sense the limitations at both ends of the spectrum: projects that are too physical (a 100-year space-ship that bizarrely represents carbon emissions) and projects that are online and at the mercy of the scale of their audience/participators.
The creator of pachube, Usman Haque, also made a network of electrical use and consequence. cute and profound.
But the key point to emerge is that everyone loves animals.
Natalie Jeremijenko’s X-Species work in New York and in Melbourne gives a narrative to the creatures that don’t have a voice, and is probably where we should head with the dead weight of community engagement in urban planning: co-ordinate small actions into big data, make stories, give birds a voice, bring cats to the 10-seater negotiating table, let the people text the fish, and, instead of flyer-ing a neighbourhood with bubble-diagrams, have the fish text back.

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