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melting ink

the bunker, like much of Berlin, has a personal involvement with the extremes of its history: civilian shelter during war, a warehouse for textiles and for tropical fruit, a techno, fetish, fantasy club in many costumes, followed closely by its shut-down by official decree on a new years day. in 2008 opening as Mr Boros’ private collection, with his equally magnificently sparse family penthouse above.
the art has to be pretty loud, large, flashing to get attention within the spectacularly heavy walls of the bunker (1.5m walls, 2.5m ceiling slab).  shiny black shards puncturing through rooms, fluorescence and colour and a lot of Olafur Eliasson light and reflection against the darkness of a 5-storey building without windows.
then there was the piece which wasn’t there anymore; Kitty Kraus’s Ohne Titel block of frozen ink left to melt at an opening event. the liquid stained the concrete and managed to slip through the depth of the slab to the floor below. the art girl talked about it with excitement because of its delightful contrast to the weeks of  drilling through the same floor slab during the renovation.
photos forbidden, but before i knew the rules i saw this beautiful wall, somehow reminiscent of yesterday’s wall.  in the bunker there are remnants of war-time phosphorescent paint for emergency wayfinding alongside remnants of 90s graffiti. all works are here. password GOLDFINGER (hmmm)

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