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3 berlin parks

the singular character of Berlin’s spaces, present in every glimpsed courtyard and floral  summer balcony, is the character of the overgrown railway and the airport veiled in wildflowers. giving a future vision for the shiny tracks and busy roads of one-day obsolete infrastructure: the spontaneity of a relic of recent history overtaken by natural wildness.
there must be many explanations for the appeal – nostalgia, sentimentality towards ruins, childhood fantasy of planes and trains, the fantasy of after the apocalypse. the physical results are sites of strange proportions (airport runway is a long wide walk); man-made surfaces and colour slowly covered in orange leaves; and an absence of preciousness, control and safety. is it situationist dérive? wandering through disorderly urban spaces with the sound of trains, wind and birch trees.
Natur-Park Südgelände is a type A exemplar, images used in almost every project of the last few years. Tempelhof Park is covered in a dome of sky so wide and windy that tumbleweed blew across the runway. the hill and rock-climbing wall in Volkspark Humboldthain is an old bunker. and there is the red blur of a red squirrel friend to prove a point.

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