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last train home

if you thought our world was small or our personal struggles were unique.
the film starts with immense annual scenes as two out of 200million Chinese workers try to board the trains taking them home (a 2300km journey through vast landscapes) to spend the new year together. this film contrasts their peasant origins with the anguishing factory work which will bring a better life; but at its root it is a story of a tense family relationship with parents wanting for their children the opportunities they did not have and children wanting to break free. I thought about this film while flying across the breadth of Australia. it takes so long to cross because there is so much of it. we live and farm on its edges, so what of the rest? is it possible this huge desert serves a purpose, or is it left over by chance; can it simply exist or is it there to balance the rest of the crowded world with the great weight of its mines? i would have seen the rock in the centre if not for the clouds.

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