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in europe

is the book of my two-and-a-half weeks in barcelona. author Geert Mak travels to the places which formed fulcrums of action, looking for traces of 20th century history (visible, hidden, disguised or absent), as we move into the 21st. it’s about a century of distress, the twin horrors of inevitability and chance setting about destroying the era’s own  hopes, consuming itself, making long-lasting wounds out of the geography of a continent and the petty fears of men.

nothing is as it seems, every thing is connected, no man is an island, the past will never leave us. It’s a harrowing journey, but real and delicate, and full of the complexities of lost identity, unequal relationships, love, family, reckless individuals, forgetting and lies.

but what my reading lacked in hopefulness, we made up for in the beauty of rocks, wide skies, sunlight and shadows. cadaques is a tiny village at the base of a big knuckle of rock, the most eastern point of spain, and where Dali found his colours. so the elation of the landscape might be real, and every thing else might pass.

the best five:
1. the edge of our own cap de creus
2. the softness inside an onion
3. alone-ness
4. and my brother x
5. and this regal cat

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  1. joel wrote:

    The knuckle, and mato, is always there.

    Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 7:25 am | Permalink

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