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is clearly not for me. crowds, crazy sunglasses, jerk chicken and pissing in the streets. But it is amazing and next year I will be better prepared. Street after boarded-up street full of crowds, crazy sunglasses, jerk chicken and pissing. Smoke-filled from the barbecues. Shrill with whistles and heavy with the bass of a hundred speakers which made my lungs contract. At times we thought we were walking away from it, but it continued, and as we made our way through from one side to the other the crowd became more and more waste. Or, that was the passing of time. Empty red-stripes and polystyrene chicken containers floated in drifts in the gutters, and somehow i stepped on a cheeky rat. I say on, but I mean in. It was well dead.

IMGP2625IMGP2606IMGP2616IMGP2620IMGP2628 (2)

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