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italo calvino


(whose invisible cities i could not manage)
writes literary memos with relevance to wider reaching values for the future, on:
as melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness
no time to be idle and empty of feelings
italian is the only language in which the word vague (vago) also means lovely and attractive; speaking of movement, mutability, uncertainty, indefiniteness, gracefulness and pleasure.
attempts to escape the vortex of multiplicity are useless!
And I realised the impossibility which love comes up against. We imagine that it has as its object a being that can be laid down in front of us, enclosed within a body. Alas, it is the extension of that being to all points in space and time that it has occupied and will occupy… But we cannot touch all those points. (from Proust – Remembrance of Things Past)

Lightness is my favourite. i wish i could be light and then my back would not hurt anymore.

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