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i don’t want to be a travel blog, but this hvar is beautiful rock plunging into cool turquoise adriatic. if you want to fill any hollowed heart, then float in salty water in sunshine for a bit and the gap in your chest will be replaced by a longing deep in the belly for chips and grilled calamari, for spaghetti, for pizza, milkshakes and beer. that day we ate boiled egg mayonnaise sandwiches while we air-dried our salt-crusted bodies (like a fine pork product) on a mat of pine-needles. the pine scent reminds me of tasmania.
also like tasmania; the grasshoppers who jump from each footstep, magically, and the sound of crickets.
the town is second in my memory to the landscape of the island. i imagine that we all are drawn to the landscape of our childhood, and this is barren and dry, with lavender fields and scorched hills like australia. snakes would like it here.
here are some photos in summery summary, more later about the hills, the old town and its lickable stone steps, and the improbable islands.

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