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Monthly Archives: April 2016


In all serious earnestness, the Lea River is so important to me, even in the rain, even walking exposed to the April late-winter, it is luminous and now, after walking from the Lea to Vyner Street via the Hertford Union and Regents Canal, I’m having a beer and feeling elated. You walk on the narrow [...]

happy cats

the container

Other than self-pity, something that makes me cry easily is the Hillsborough disaster. I am reminded of it occasionally, like today when the jurors’ verdict was given, and I can’t stop thinking about it and looking at those photos. So to take my fingers off the laptop, and to buy some rhubarb and beer, I [...]

he remains (Gilbert)

White Cat is refusing to follow Ginger to the New Hackney. Even when the last handbag wholesalers has become a bar called ‘Last Handbag Wholesalers’, White Cat will be sitting on his car in Columbia Road. Scam builders, up and down the streets of E8, throughout Europe’s cities, the world, have the pattern book for [...]

cab drivers

Strange to be back here, drizzle and a bacon sandwich. today has been hard. a faulty premature alarm, no breakfast (enough time, but too many croissant already), and then the shaken anxiety of passports, full bathrooms, unhappy queues, an overflowing airport located in the thin countryside of London’s hinterland. This is a depressing green belt. [...]


a tacky title. I just wanted to add these final photos from the last day till next time.

sleeping sitting up

Remarkably, I fell asleep sitting upright on a cold concrete bench in the Belgrade youth centre – the DOB – at a concert. A full 15 minutes of deep sleep, because the music drowned out everything else like a very public floatation tank. A man called Dragon owns this building, in the 70s it was [...]


A man from Sydney is riding his pushbike from Berlin to Istanbul. He is taking the easy route and riding beside the Danube for most of it, and the river has deposited him here in Belgrade. He is doing it because a friend of his did it last year and it seemed cool. That’s a [...]

plants growing on all the hard places

I woke up this morning to the sound of a thousand singing Serbian school children marching and waving flowers in the street outside the window. We are on the fifth floor, the top floor, it’s a penthouse that shakes in the wind. When a bus goes past on the street below it feels as though [...]

walken frei

free walking around the city. by day 7 you really ought to know your way around. this one was when I only momentarily lost my bearings in between a fort and a hard place, a railway and a blue danube. Tomorrow I need to remember to write about the plants growing over all the hard [...]