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Monthly Archives: July 2014

west coast, west coast

it was nicely symmetrical. last month on the west coast of Tasmania with a Western Australian. and then last week on the west coast of Australia, a Tasmanian. a west coast is a west coast, it’s where the weather comes from.

day 4: the mountain

In order to escape the rain, seek snow, get mist. It’s a moral about avoiding what is coming to you by driving headlong into something which, although uncertain, is at least different.

day 3: wood

It felt like we were there for a long time, but I can see in retrospect that it was just 3 days. Put proper hiking boots on, thick socks, climb in a 4WD, and stop washing your hair; you go a little bit wild and time expands. There are two pubs in Queenstown, directly across [...]

turquoise water

Looking straight down to the turquoise water in the pit of the iron blow. Later, inside a horizontal shaft, bored straight into the side of Mt Juke, dark but for our illuminating headlamps and the distant tunnel end. such narrow beams of light. turquoise spheres dripping down the veined rock.

day 2: in the mines

On the second day we went into the mines. If you’re going to spend three days filming rocks, here is the source. Here is a rocky mountain which has been turned inside out, held upside down and shaken for the rocks in its pockets. We spent the morning wandering over debatable fences into grey areas [...]

Day 1: the misty moors

Like I said, we spent three days filming rock in Tasmania. I was just along for the drive. The conception of island is challenged when you drive for 5 hours and a full packet of mint slice without seeing the coast, and when you have grown up on this small islandĀ  and yet, in your [...]