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Monthly Archives: April 2014


it’s spring in London, thank you for these photos of the garden-foxes. symbols of new life, of hopeful naan scavenged¬†from the City of Paris, E3.

circle dancers

Kundera has always been right, and things which make sense of humans in Eastern Europe post-war also describe our motivations here, today. like the circle dancers in The Book of Laughter and Forgetting. Today even in sleepy Melbourne we are dancing in circles, holding hands, feeling within the circle that all we can see is [...]

is my cat happy?

sometimes she looks at me and I can see bitterness that her bowl isn’t always overflowing, and that she can only run so far on the roof before the roof runs out. I see the boredom in her life of relative luxury and extremely limited freedom. “do you really think playing with a dry baton [...]


H&M opened in Melbourne, and the rains began.