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Monthly Archives: December 2013

alpine flowers

initial thought, shamefully, is: how do I create a mini alpine garden on my city balcony?

mt arthur

going to go completely off grid. buy Mawson’s hut here and do it up.

the styx

Spent Wednesday and Thursday looking at trees. Not normally my scene, but this is what the New Politics is about: opening up issues for a public dialogue, examining the facts… On Thursday, Bob Brown took me on a helicopter trip over the Styx Valley, a patchwork quilt of giant old trees, logged coups, plantation and regrowth. Five [...]

a beautiful grey day on a bus

just a beautiful grey day on a bus.


you think it’s so gothic, this damp island of off-grid crazies. the original off-grid destination for shamed somerset and surrey manor-men escaping gambling debt and livestock ruin. the island of horrifying Black Lines, and of escaped convicts eating their weakest till the strongest finally dies alone of food poisoning. the world’s cleanest air recorded at the [...]