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Monthly Archives: October 2013

the vacant block

In Barcelona in August I AteWith a vegan Sicilian called Barbara. out on her terrace with a jug of watermelon gazpacho she told us that the etymology of vacaciones is vacant. she was trying to prove a point about relaxation and eustress and about lazy folk on holiday. No. the etymology of vacaciones is vacate. sitting on [...]


I went out for a twig of blossom. Last week I had a twig of blossom in a jar in the bathroom and it looked good. In retrospect I should have photographed it and uploaded it to internet landfill because today the blossoms have all gone. First I thought the wind had blown them away [...]


beautiful morning for balloons, birds, leafy friends and a large mouse (small rat?) which crossed my path without his black-cat jogging costume. it’s the first bare-legged dawn, so stop worrying about long winter shadow studies.