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Monthly Archives: September 2013

the mercurial white czar of columbia road

we all know the hushed wealth of White Cat, we see it in the unfeasibly financed pizza parlours of our own South Carlton. but this is not what White Cat sees. like every dynamically creative over-lord he has high ego low self-esteem, he has mirror state and grandiose self, he has every psychological condition that [...]

w h i t e c a t

White Cat’s law states that he will be there only when you expect him not to be. you cannot will this regal fluffy cat into existence, you cannot anticipate him. but we do, every time we walk the great cobbled Shoreditch cultural trail. so for three weeks of hopeful detours he was invisible, and as soon [...]

light pinging off bricks

but not a sight of White Cat. Corfu.


Joel and I have a joke about scaffolding in London: so much is shit and yet somehow, with a Peepshow-esque acceptance of the miserable, Londeners keep their humour. their train may have been late and full, and the rent on their mouldy flat might have gone up, and they may have had a Pret egg&cress [...]

a hazy day out west

Siggy and I had a day out in Kensington, where it was 28degrees and hazy; trees in the foreground silhouetted against golden volumetrics. I’m not sure I’ve been to Kensington before. there is a roof garden which is the ideal location for a summer wedding for 200 guests and 4 flamingos. it was so gorgeous [...]

the edinburgh meta-aesthetic

2 years ago I went by train to Dumfries and this week up the other coast to Edinburgh to satisfy the great rail journey whim. as soon as we arrived we knew we wanted to move there, among the solid grey buildings, desolate north-east landscape, the Constable clouds, both Arthur’s Seat and lobster & chips [...]

St Johns Sessions

I lined up outside a Georgian-built church in Hackney at dusk while the fresh breeze picked up a little. During the day the church had been full of smoky daylight and a projector had very faintly covered the wall with bubbles of colour. CREW members did things. Now the space was filling fast with a [...]