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Monthly Archives: August 2013


I wanted to see the wild-flower meadows. But the liminal legacy is not quite ready yet. I wished I’d stayed on the Lea rather than being wound into roundabouts, dragged with burning legs on my crap bicycle down wide streets called Westfield Avenue, lured to cafes called Unity Kitchen. This legacy is visibly sad. The [...]

the british sea side

luvly bank holiday at the seaside. in the shadow of a carbuncled tower block, with a regenerative art gallery placed like a light-house on the edge of the under-performing British coast. antiques and (reconstituted) lobster tail and 10p arcade games competing in the happy nostalgia battle. off the beaten track, behind a very ordinary built [...]

playa de chernobil

I had to ride my hired clunker back to the rental shop after 3 minutes because the seat was low and my knees were around my shoulders. there are a lot of tourists in Barcelona; you pass many suffering the curse of the low-seated hire-bike. I rode north and came across a hovering cube wrapped [...]


do you remember the first time you walked in Barcelona? You can imagine what it is like for a seemingly spineless introvertebrae Tasmanian girl, trying to comprehend the inside-out buildings with their clean laundry and life flapping on the outside. making a mockery of the securely sequenced habits – road, gate, driveway, garden, moat, door- [...]

exmouth dusk

I have arrived too early to the airport, again, but last night we were a bit languid in exmouth market with the low dusk sun pinging on a tower block. everything is the same but some buildings have an extra layer of grime on their bricks and others have been repainted. new shops, old salads, [...]


tourism, ratchet sustainability, a botanical collection of tropical plants i recognise from medal-worthy CGI. what a green-house! what a cactus room, concentric conservatory, grand baobab grove, breakfast buffet amongst oculi rock-pools and upside down padi fields! the lush hyperreality here in Singapore shames the other jpegs of architecture salvaged by hanging garden.