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Monthly Archives: December 2012

just like england

this little northern Tasmanian coastal town reminds me of places I never made it to in England. one tenth of the homes are for sale, there are three lighthouses, and a disproportionate representation of international flags in front gardens; Iraq, Australia, South Africa, USA, France, UK. lichen covers the rocks like it does in Scotland, [...]


for 1 week only the hotels in the southern-most city are fully booked. a sea of plastic chairs appears in the liminal space between the complimentary conditions of Remote Wild Island and Cosmopolitan Delicatessen. an affecting scene in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is the transformation of parents to pigs while they eat in an abandoned [...]

tasmanian workshop

Within eight hours of leaving Melbourne and arriving on the golden island we were riding the revelation of a tandem-rail-cycle on the unused tracks in the depths of a dusted valley. the trial run was a culmination and climax of an afternoon wandering through vegetable gardens and raspberry patch and room after room of workshops, [...]


the old saying: a plant can flower even when imprisoned in a south-facing 1 x 2m steel garden. though more truthful to say: sunlight can warm even a south-facing 1 x 2m steel garden.


things get cheaper in the market as you move west, just keep walking.


I saw a lot of very tight parking conditions in Japan and thought that m2 per car is probably abut proportionally relative to m2 per person there. humans seem able to squeeze into tighter and tighter homes, only fair that cars should too, as clumsy and inflexible as they are. Melbourne’s density is a 10th [...]

lying fallow

some architects / developers decided to build a hand-full of highly sustainable greatly aspirational apartments. so they evicted the squatters of the existing cottages and brought some artists in to decorate before demolition. Words were said about fallow fields replenishing and about the vibrancy of the slums of Mumbai and Caracas. Walking around this abandoned [...]

the waste land

first day of summer, walking empty streets to find gratitude in a handful of dust!