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Monthly Archives: July 2012

the best story

the best story is of dramat!c l!fe change! and this one is based exactly on the true tale of an Iraqi-born Tasmanian-educated doctor. Spent a decade qualifying in medicine, worked in a hospital in remote Kalgoorlie, then last year she left it all and now takes photographs inside and outside the Catalan border. Her work [...]


KL is growing on me because as you get closer to the city centre you get closer to trees, and croci wetlands, and because¬†it’s warm and smells of the streets.¬†


This week I saw green misty Scotland, and I wondered if I had to go there or if other people’s photos were enough. then I scratched some suburbs into the red dusty Pilbara and wondered if aerial photos were enough information and I thought they probably were, because in 30 years, after big-wheeled-trucks cart the [...]


my boss likes towers, they all do here, so I thought it was the way and was frowned upon in London where, it seemed, they did not. people need to be close to the ground they said. the completed shard must only galvanise the deep mistrust. this building has a slippery surface and sharpened lair [...]