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Monthly Archives: April 2012

food court

Now I spend my lunch breaks at the food court. does this depress you? it’s strange because I was educated all my life to dislike food courts. actually they are the pinnacle of inclusivity within the very narrow confines of profitable commercial development. I can go there alone, can spend $2 or $20. ok $2 [...]

and there is a third outcome. through no formula can we address the unequal catastrophe of resource scarcity and climate change. there are graphs and graphs that show that year on year the amount of sacrifice or the degree of ingenuity required is too great. the contrasts between the many worlds of our world are [...]

Spanish ivy

and here she is, sprouted, family doing well.


we havent reached even the middle of the beginning of data visualisation, of a global community, or of sustainable urbanism. so even as we are impressed by the work of artists and scientists who have managed to capture, for a moment, the unfocused concentration of a city, we can sense the limitations at both ends [...]