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Monthly Archives: March 2012

prop dev

it’s really not enough that Developer Cat is interrogating the site and testing the market, because on thursday night White Cat flew in to Tullamarine. Explicitly for the Formula 1, but implicitly to negotiate a new deal for a great pile of microscopic apartments on this very site. you can imagine my surprise, hair shorn [...]

a burley griffin

if love is too hard, we are meant to at least respect the great master planning of Canberra. but clearly we should admit that it was a big mistake in existence and in execution. this is a small city of wealthy commuters, but their daily commute is via the qantas club and a mute view [...]


To find your very own River Lea just take a map of your home city and locate the secondary river which cuts the 12mile path through the pretty and rough northern suburbs to the industrial countryside. In Melbourne that would be Merri Creek which connects Coburg’s multicultural family fun to the desirable inner north-east, via [...]

the catalogue of mountains

i havent been at the pinacle of a mountian since Arthur. I think there are some inland, but inland is a long way if you’re not on an island, sleeping in the moon-landsacpe of a volcano where just warm and cold air separates your brother from the atlantic.


Apparently we are all either optimists or romantics when it comes to our response to climate change, not counting of course those devils who deny. optimists hope to overcome with technology, with our intellect and ingenuity. romantics think we have used too much and should retreat. not thoughts of my invention, read it in an [...]


the age old battle between mountain and coast for the deepest place in our hearts. one has real shadows and the other is brighter in memory. so that’s 1 to mountains, none to the silvery mornington coast.