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Monthly Archives: January 2012


stay inside

waiting for an explosion of jasmine

a watched pot never boils, like waiting for paint to dry. but in just one week the jasmine and this mysteriously branded plant called an Aloha are wrapping new tendrils up the wall. they need to grow quickly because we don’t know how long we will be here. living plants and animals from Europe are [...]

never a tail wind

there is always a headwind in Melbourne. if it is a hot day then the wind is warm, if it is a scorcher the wind is like an oven, and in winter it will come from Tasmania. but even if you swing round and change direction half way the wind will never be on your [...]

the poor developer

the Poor Developer does his marketing images in-house. he paces his site to save on the cost of a surveyor and hires himself as on-site security. we laugh, thinking that the rich only get filthy rich through such penny-pinching, but later we realise that he has lost his home and lives, barely, on rubbish and [...]

uplifting for saturday

here is one of the saddest, most beautiful paragraphs from a book whose first chapter made me breathless: Yesterday I went to the doctor, to see about these dizzy spells. He told me that I have developed what used to be called a heart, as if healthy people didn’t have one. It seems I will [...]

Yarra trail

forty, no, fifty. sixty km ride from Eltham to the city alongside the Yarra River and its eucalypts. cross the river 5 times. skid where the track turns to gravel road, take the wrong fork and trace the goat’s trail back to the main trail, the sheep’s trail. past a Turkish celebration under peppercorn trees, [...]

11 days in tasmania, 4 in KL

and I know where I would rather be! KL is all jungle-rimmed highways, Melbourne has its flat grid, and you barely notice the roads in my version of Tasmania. In moments of pause, between visiting empty new malaysian shopping malls; tossing chinese new year salad with developers for dragon-year prosperity; smiling so hard that i [...]

last train home

if you thought our world was small or our personal struggles were unique. the film starts with immense annual scenes as two out of 200million Chinese workers try to board the trains taking them home (a 2300km journey through vast landscapes) to spend the new year together. this film contrasts their peasant origins with the [...]

the moss

to complete the Tasmanian environmental scope of coast, forest, farm and cliff is a mossy fork in the road on the side of Mt Wellington.

the most beautiful boardwalk in the world

Berlin’s Naturpark boardwalk is a distant runner up. here in northern tasmania on the edge of the Narawntapu National ParkĀ is the most beautiful boardwalk in the world. simple silver timber slivers through pine-needle-floored forest over boulders to rockpools, dunes and clear salt water on new years day.