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Monthly Archives: December 2011


finally. some of my favourites were: 1. Artifact by Gregory Barsamian. A large head lies on its side in the corner of a room, peering into cracks and apertures you see an un-hinged display of Disney-like motifs and anxiety, flickering and flashing inside. 2. A video called Placebo by Saskia Olde Wolbers, in which a [...]

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the levitation of possum sphinx

you might think that White Cat is the highest word in wisdom and experience, but this is an ancient land and possum sphinx is as old as the land and levitation a vanishing practice. would you wait for a roof top terrace to become available on the rental market, or would you just levitate?


always tuesday. a day book-ended by the most sublime cycle rides and two of the world’s great urban rides; the Upfield Bike Path and the St Georges Road Trail. in the morning sunshine on the railway and jacarandas in vivid ‘fantasia’ purple. tonight an accidental detour to Thornbury by way of a very fast cycle [...]