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Monthly Archives: November 2011

three tuesdays in tropical suburbia


it is everyone’s dream: creative reclusion, bene-factory in semi-rurality, kitchen gardens, art in the studio and on the walls, surrounded by trees and cicadas, the couple who die of old age, one ten days after the other. then radishes with the stem on for dipping, by a swollen creek, with abundant bark (australia’s underfoot crunch) [...]

where we used to live in cross ventilation

sydney road melbourne

last day of holidays, thought i would find my new route to work, the straight one without diagonals, the one alongside an infrequent train and sandwiched by depots and caramelo koala warehouses and probable labs. Melbourne’s northern street network is dominated by 3 heavy high streets which run north-south straight from city edge to suburb [...]


in 1 hour from hot and sweaty to thunder and lightning, to rainbows.


what would be the point of comparing opposites? only to love each one more. i haven’t forgotten the Lea, but meet the Yarra. it has a trail instead of a towpath and a boating billabong instead of locks. the water is brown not green. highways bridge across both. the yarra trail is the winding antidote [...]

mt arthur

whining about the futility of life and the great weight of seasonal meaning evaporates here. i have become used to the point of a walk being a pub or a coffee or a gallery or some chips, and the solar energy produced at the pinnacle could power a black&white photo booth…

under wood