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Monthly Archives: September 2011

high ego, low self esteem

he’s back from holidays. sitting in the window reading Seneca and wondering about his true self and his life’s meaning and how to minimise the squandering of its remainder, thinking: what if this cat’s life has no meaning? he wishes he was still on the Ionian coast where he didn’t have to face the huge [...]

times change,

even the very least of pop-ups must one day come to an end.

lea mist

last night i dreamed we walked to a distant rocky outcrop hidden by uninhabited forest and at the pinnacle lay flat on our backs on granite and awaited a site and time specific phenomenon. here it came; a thick blanket of mist sank down upon us and hovered in a sharply defined layer centimetres above [...]

all most

one more day amongst the most beautiful language in the world, next to a decent-sized ocean and in streets which require portraits not landscapes. travel (which is what the guilty call holidays) is almost over and this will cease to be a travel blog and start to get serious. cat amongst the pigeons.

here is futile ambition and a sunny afternoon of guarded inaction

oh, the saddest streets in the world right now


by train

delicate distant clarity, soft immediacy and hurried detail, probably the way to see the world.

hurricane katia

like a hurricane arriving in Scotland at the same time as my holiday, the predictable often takes you by surprise. so i am shocked to feel that just as i am about to leave the country, i want to stay. or at least stay on the train, spend the next month and its salary on [...]


cats would vote against the contemporary sequencing of the Alhambra; a single path strictly marked through such richly varied and beautiful spaces and gardens. shortcuts or backtracking are generally not permitted and barely the secrecy to hide amongst all the pool-side circulation. here is a cat in a normal narrow street instead.

The GR7

the Gran Recorrdio 7 is the Andalusian section of European walking route number 4, which goes from the southern tip of Spain to Greece, via the Pyrenees, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Romania. and through a tiny village called CaƱar. each ridge in this luxurious stretch is mid-summer sun scorched, each valley abundant with figs, [...]