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Monthly Archives: August 2011

berlin in summary

from a short walk around prenzlauer berg: a bit of the forest in the home and a bit of home in the forest. streets in the gardens and garden in the street.

berlin building colour palette

floral megalomania

house-and-garden narcissism in Potsdam. billionaire spending is more secretive these days.

melting ink

the bunker, like much of Berlin, has a personal involvement with the extremes of its history: civilian shelter during war, a warehouse for textiles and for tropical fruit, a techno, fetish, fantasy club in many costumes, followed closely by its shut-down by official decree on a new years day. in 2008 opening as Mr Boros’ [...]

yesterday’s wall

it’s all just dust, paint and quiet reflection.

3 berlin parks

the singular character of Berlin’s spaces, present in every glimpsed courtyard and floral  summer balcony, is the character of the overgrown railway and the airport veiled in wildflowers. giving a future vision for the shiny tracks and busy roads of one-day obsolete infrastructure: the spontaneity of a relic of recent history overtaken by natural wildness. [...]

Märkisches Viertel

this is what 17000 homes looks like when it’s not in rows of terraces. 36,000 residents and a significant swathe of park land, cycle network, playgrounds, shops, restaurants, banks, 7 schools, an indoor beach volley-ball centre, football fields, a hotel, bus service, and a thousand (?) fully grown trees. from the view of a single [...]


it’s an ex concentration camp at the end of the S1 bahn. but it is hidden within a small town and surrounded by forest. the memorial and information centres are like memorials and information centres everywhere; sombre concrete panels and slabs, whiteness, simplicity. the dirt and the bones are long gone, is that a bench [...]

summer full moon

be careful climbing on rooftops and walking on awnings.

the wall

which was the more monumental event, the building of a wall, or its tearing down? tonight at midnight is the 50th anniversary of construction so I went to the memorial park, deserted but preparing for something. maybe it’s not important to connect a memory to a structure, to locate it to a place or an [...]