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Monthly Archives: July 2011


wild objects in wild flowers

scattered through a forest and around a lake are remnants of walls and still-echoing listening stations. rightly so they all look like they landed fifty years ago, to the day exactly or there abouts, before being veiled by wild flowers. so this is what fifty years looks like in Berlin. underneath the forest is the [...]

ode to lea

see you in a month on low narrow boat, into the sunset, on the yellow road.


should have looked before jumping through an inviting door and into the dark shadow of unknown depths of consideration and indecision.


there have been only three days without rain all summer. today wasn’t one of them. today i was tested for tuberculosis in the hospital where george orwell died from tuberculosis, by a cockney nurse who assured me i would die instead from cycling around the city. he had served in berlin as a soldier, partying [...]

unofficial countryside

The never-ending growth of cities and the dramatic inverse is the focus of the film Requiem for Detroit which was shown 2 weeks ago at Folly for a Flyover, a temporary structure and event space under the traffic of the A12. This little building containing the short-term, mean-while, grass-roots positivity towards urbanism where policy and [...]


xaloquell is by no means the best of the selection of similar beach cafes, but it might have been the first, here back in ’86 when the sand touched the buildings. the village has been growing since long before then and obvs will continue to do so, right?


1. skinny spanish cats, living together near the bins in loose association. one day full of kittens, the next day two shadows – black cats with green eyes stretched out under a tree. 2. spanish walls are like skin, sweating and leaking smells and colours into the street. you can walk down a street [and [...]


and the frailty of her honesty, changing every day. the final visit to torredembarra for now and i don’t know exactly how to structure the story but think it can be divided into: the skulking and meeting of cats (1), in the sun and shade of built walls (2); with the varieties of sky and [...]


totally gorgeous garden in a softly solid black box. green on black is the absolute best and this is probably the serpentine pavilion that will lead to years of slightly disappointed faces.