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Monthly Archives: June 2011


architecture is obsessed with things becoming other things. a shelf becomes a chair which becomes a desk. all your joinery is never-ending. then there is the wall that becomes a ramp, or moves up a staircase to become the sky. there is architecture which becomes air. Junya Ishigami’s installation in the Barbican is a curved [...]

longest evening

a solstice gift of sun and dry sky and ai weiwei in somerset house.  london’s animal zodiac (rat, oxo, hackney road cat, pie, umbrella, jellied eel (i know…), polo, lahore kebab, money, perfect fried chicken, whippet, pigeon) are all represented daily but rarely in splashing water and shiny heritage setting. here it is, on till [...]

the little prince sees the elephant in a drawing of a boa constrictor with an elephant in its belly, and the sheep in a drawing of a box with a sheep inside. but this is no consolation. i did not see a lunar eclipse while i watched a magnificent tree silhouetted over bands of clouds [...]

taryn simon

A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters at the Tate. it’s amazing and you don’t even have to put your art hat on. an assembly of photos, images, stories, shock scandal war and disappearance, unspeakable pasts and a future psychological and physical family inheritance. from Hitler’s legal adviser to australia’s fateful first 24 rabbits, [...]

the architecture nightmare

i should post more and more rainy days, broken umbrellas and cemeteries now, so that when summer does eventually wallop me with a big warm salty wave the contrast will be sweeter. the architecture nightmare is first of all recurring, obviously. you think it is over and you have woken up but then there you [...]

looks like rain

winter legs

in june. enough, i’m leaving. plus, a most apologetic pinnacle: better than a building with a hat, but nothing like a  building with a face.

hampstead heath

gorgeous but ominous with the smoke of a burning warehouse hazing the city and the heavy summer breeze rattling the grass; and everyone watching as the zombies enter the heath from all sides and take their place on parliament hill.


i went to the kent seaside but came home sick and now instead of the crisp blue sky and jolly pitched roofs of whitstable all i can think of is the hour spent not vomiting on bus 38. visual reminder of how nice it is to take a train out of london, how funny and [...]