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Monthly Archives: May 2011

there are two types of cats in this world

you are either a grey-face or a no-tail. you can’t have it all.

life is complete

trapped in a safe world with everything you could ever want.

wapping project

from NoDa a really good ride straight south into the wind and down a slope, past standard juxta-posers of city and east end, gherkin and shard, docks and warehouses, down cobbled streets and through a small plot of saturday night vomit, to the thames. it is always so disappointing arriving at the river. it’s wibble [...]


its public spending cuts, industrial failures, social divisions, hardship and hopefulness are set so clearly on repeat that watching documentaries is like news in black and white. a true tear-jerker; nothing holds together but everything is disastrously connected. has any other country seen so much of both sides of everything? in summary: after the second [...]

everything in life is gold and the only thing to change is the price of old

in honour of a birthday and with greatest respect to the edges of cliffs and oceans, to ursula, to catching fish in pans, to mapping, to waiting for the pinacle of a mountain to eat the cheese.

working from home

deciding what to cook tonight, and learning about Nigel’s carrots and leeks. the dream of walking around naked in your own vegetable garden during the abundance of summer, held while simultaneously reading An Island in Time (the life and disappearance of a small Frisian village and its farming way of life) and Politics and Homes [...]


an autumn walk in melbourne was the promised title of this series, and  i expected  moody wide skies, luscious colours of crisping leaves and water-ed earth, the shimmer of road after rain, pies. but the crack couch and roadkill are perfectly descriptive of a dream of a far deeper happiness. it is not about the [...]

one day

in july we will all be gone and the cats will overtake the house. the relentless roof and wall climbing, the recent increase in garden play, the heightened affection, inter-garden reconnaissance missions, nothing left to chance. and those helicopters you hear…

as i walked out one midsummer morning

by Laurie Lee is a delicate book, i hope you like it too, so innocent and then suddenly not. the loss of innocence of the 30s (i mean the era but also appropriate to the human age) transforms his walk across Spain from softly hazy to gritty, and by the epilogue the tide has completely [...]

new things

new computer, clean photo filing systems, rediscovered hard-drives, fresh nostalgia. forgot how breathtaking new zealand mountains are. i probably wont go back but it is neat to have the digital memories again. in barcelona recently a japanese girl named misa asked a lot of questions: mountain or beach? city or forest? england or australia? meat [...]