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Monthly Archives: April 2011


the original forest: hollybank with a bit of everything you could ever want in a forest. hills, pine-needle carpets, moss, an icy stream, translucent leaves, green light.

…and beach

been all about forests for so long, i forgot about the silver flatness and the squally waves of off-peak Costa Dorada, and the silent rainy easter holiday streets of Gracia. here in Barcelona a beach was formed on concrete edge-lands, while 1000km along the coast the reverse is true. the beach is less about the [...]

london sunset

monday is a good day to stay away from work and enjoy a Carol Bryden tribute wander, through deserted farmers-markets and flower-markets. the church is Christ Church in Spitalfields i went on a friend’s recommendation would you believe. i have now been inside enough churches in my life, no more please. this was the last [...]

hobart sunrise

from my pa’s early morning walk.


noun. the term for a beautiful faultless place or event, of positive urbanity (a social use of space, a diversity of users, a thriving local enterprise) whose sheer niceness and popularity inspire a cringe and avoid. etymology: derives from the words ‘positive’ and the english slang for potato. Columbia Road Flower Market is a sunday [...]

killing my darlings

this is bluebell weekend, when the little blue creatures carpet forest floors briefly before withering and dissolving for another year. killing my darlings is a literary term, meaning to strip away sentences which have loved and crafted emotional attachment to the writer but no purpose to the story. in my preferred interpretation (@drea) it refers [...]

all i want

is countryside. please, no more urbanity, no more plans of the master, no more intensification, diversification, activation. this is richmond tasmania, in the style of an english village.

epping forest

20minutes by train, free if you are a dishonest self-entitled type, and then you are in chingford, gateway to epping forest. the forest was the favoured hunting ground of a long lineage of kings, and you can see this history retold again by the high representation of identically uniformed trios of young men. it was [...]

5 day spring

from the 3rd of april to the 8th, england is suddenly a different world simply because the sun is out. it is obvious but upsetting that the lonelier we are the earlier we wake up. this morning i woke up early enough to witness the hover-cat on the fence-edge, never seen that before. a warm [...]


this is the excavation of a giant ant hill, and i just resigned from work.