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Monthly Archives: December 2010

amsterdam houses in winter

lovely. better than words, and i am tired. super dutch, like that old favourite book for cosy cafe cats.

happy christmas, birds

happy icy amsterdam to the seagulls and ducks tapping on frozen rivers, to the sad heron, the crow couple, and to the acid green parakeets in the snow-covered Vondelpark. (the acid green parakeet is not my photo, but the reality was even more vivid in the monochrome snow-set)

abney park again

´╗┐abney park; squirrels and over-grown grave-stones. it is london’s best outdoor space? a season-amplifier, to be visited at minimum four times a year, and currently a winter wonderland. the snow settles like a trick of the light, thick white lines off-set from the black of branches. people must wear all-black, and dogs must be black [...]

snow high

the snow came this morning again; big cakes of flaky pastry floating softly, then quickly, and clinging to the empty branchess and sides of tree-trunks, then a different flavour snow: shredded-coconut. normally it takes a cat jumping into a bag to make me laugh out loud alone, but it is a such happy out-of-body lonely-but-full [...]

it’s all going to be all white


this is grim-face the cat. the chav with a pretty face, the diamond in the rough, the model spotted at the bus-stop, the flower amongst thorns, the outstretched palm, the half-full glass. even she knows what is going to happen next.


by now almost every one i love has been to japan. it is not like anywhere else, but familiar. i want to be there now, with you all, eating fish for breakfast. (photos by joel last week)


again. and, in synchronicity, saw Hito Steyerl’s In Free Fall at the Chisenhale Gallery. Falling is a transition. It is a movement from one position to another. In as much as it suggests failure or ruin, to love is also to fall. It is corruption, revolution and abandonment. It implies a relationship. and then of [...]


so hard to drag yourself from bed during the mopey first quarter moon-cycle, feel like i could sleep all day. the tasmanian and norwegian instruction then is to get out on your bi-cycle and visit a gallery and a pub. because going to a gallery makes you feel like there’s something happening; someone has taken [...]

barcelona again

wow how much i love this city (tune!), how much i want to be there in sunshine, with a black cat, in the months when it is summer everywhere but england. birds, turtles, mountains, amusements and ham, landscape, horizon, shadows and quietness, love, love, love.