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Monthly Archives: October 2010


is so happy in the moment, like everyone tells you to be, orange, red, golden leaves flying. but they don’t last, and the future looks grim! these are some cats around the streets, dealing with foxes and out-numbering hipsters on the most hipster of holidays.

cat in the window

i lost my phone in a glass of lager before karaoke last night, and today blacky woke me, meow-ing on the roof and demanding to be let into bed. seems all the cats were out late under the full moon.

i change my mind every day, so every second day i love the english clouds and every other night i love the bright city lights. the constable landscape was today in the middle of england from a peaceful train, the full moon is tomorrow.


the distress of realising there are too many books, too much stuff, and i don’t have time. life’s flashing before my eyes. oh, hello gato gingero, just soaking up the sunshine.

architects in england

should take a long working holiday somewhere else. i am quoting a little out of context: a regeneration hole hidden by subsidised graffiti empty of architectural inspiration, empty of social hope or idealism, and often empty of people dressed in various materials, most of all various clipped-on pieces of wood and steel.

mark bradford

i just had one of those days, full of stuff. whitechapel and white cube galleries, cafe z, and foyles, the biggest bookshop in my world. mark bradford gave a public interview at the chaps. he is rad. his paintings use paper instead of paint. paper from everywhere. incidentally, after the talk i bought a gerhard [...]


in all my life, nothing so good as precious hours of long-haul in business class, dripping in and out of films, gluttony, consciousness, in a soft cocoon. but recently, the same feeling minus the guilt: riding a bicycle with headphones and music on. in the morning, when the sun is almost horizontal and pings off [...]