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Monthly Archives: August 2010

improbable islands

1. house on barren island, croatia 2. floating forest, lake luzern, switzerland 3. hover-rock, Raleigh Beach, thailand 4. the isle of the dead, adreas bocklin, from meg’s childhood bedroom wall

happy cities

as evidenced by happy cats and captain woofie.

and THIS

is bougainvillea. in the sunshine of another latitude. i was stupid to hope it could ever survive in an english garden.


i don’t want to be a travel blog, but this hvar is beautiful rock plunging into cool turquoise adriatic. if you want to fill any hollowed heart, then float in salty water in sunshine for a bit and the gap in your chest will be replaced by a longing deep in the belly for chips [...]

early fear of winter

work makes me think of long-haul flights, drink makes me think of food, a glass makes me think of broken, blue sky makes me look for clouds, being with someone makes me think of solitude, loneliness reminds me of love, and summer makes me think (not unkindly) of winter. not being a pessimist, but i [...]