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Monthly Archives: August 2010


is clearly not for me. crowds, crazy sunglasses, jerk chicken and pissing in the streets. But it is amazing and next year I will be better prepared. Street after boarded-up street full of crowds, crazy sunglasses, jerk chicken and pissing. Smoke-filled from the barbecues. Shrill with whistles and heavy with the bass of a hundred [...]

more english

how could you possibly invade against the white chalkiness of these cliffs? this is what i think of england, must be from watching too much kiera knightly. the clouds are english, the weather is english, the surrounding pubs are very. shocking white cliffs, then tiny war-time bunkers, still there and rocky in the barren landscape.  [...]

the countryside

The train departs in a sunny interval and slides between the upper levels of terraces and warehouses, their east faces lit up. Then quickly expanding and wide, the overgrown stinky greenness of hackney’s marshes begins the pattern of outer London: the green, the remnants, the disused railway bridges, the rusted gas holders, the allotments, then [...]


rainbow at the end of the world.

starling wave

repost: amazing photo of a gathering of starlings; Starling Wave by Danny Green. (won last year’s black and white category for the BBC wildlife photograph of the year. one of this year’s entries is this one of penguins; Back In Front Out by Esa Mälkönen. after pairing up, the birds take it in turns to [...]

three types of shady

evil thoughts and schadenfreude darkened blacky’s sunday morning, having trouble deciding between gardens. idleness is not shady, idleness is light and transparent, can you do any wrong if you are outdoors and idle? on the other side of victoria park is the daylight robbery of car motors; pro-active but ultimately sin-filled.

sunday night blue

x carol. maybe i can be back here?

back to chicken bones

this is a local topical blog by the youngest tasmanian hamilton in london, ricky. the daily entries are a study on the transrotational nature of the streets of east london; eternally shifting but never really changing. chicken bones and their packaging are the product of a tide of inhabitation which sweeps twice daily and three [...]

drystone walls hvar

couldnt work out what these were for a while… how old? really old?  they are  just on the verge of being part of the natural landsdcape, part of the man-made. is just simple terracing on the slopes not mystical but necessary to keep the soil still and the lavender crop happy.

italo calvino

(whose invisible cities i could not manage) writes literary memos with relevance to wider reaching values for the future, on: lightness as melancholy is sadness that has taken on lightness quickness no time to be idle and empty of feelings exactitude italian is the only language in which the word vague (vago) also means lovely [...]