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Monthly Archives: July 2010


south of barcelona, in the heartland of the catalan industry of moving rocks, rubble, concrete, dust, ashes around in trucks. calm and silent in a surrounding quarry, baking in the sun: a new cemetery of rocks, rubble, concrete, dust and ashes. like an undiscovered abney park, over decades the wild flowers and grasses covering the [...]


a beautiful book to read on holiday in spain, lying on the beach under blue sky and sun: when you travel in iceland you see a lot of water. i want to go and see the northern lights and a lot of water.

wish i was still in spain

come back to london on a flight that’s been delayed 4 hours.  it rains and i visit the nhs doctor on the same day. the garden is covered in 50 fat snails. more. but the kind man at the all-in-one let me off 25p for a plump avocado and a punnet of very sweet strawberries. [...]


4 tasmanians, probably the last time. gulls, tall houses, the man with the ice cream van, even the sunshine and wildflowers made me sad. although for a few hours i had forgotten.