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Monthly Archives: June 2010


this is the best book i have read all year: seven nights – seven lectures by borges taped during the summer of 1977. it is an amazing collection, a room full of mirrors; duality, triality(?), triviality, multiplicity, containing within the stories of the divine comedy, don quixote, siddhartha, the thousand and one nights, borges himself, [...]

the morning of the lunar eclipse

woke up this morning at 5 by the bright sunshine, ran around clissold park at 7 (meg are you proud of me now) and it is beautiful and hot. ridley road market (more veg less beer in honour of impending beach), the car boot sale (funny sailor’s dress £1 in the style of someone else), [...]


such an attraction for a coast-less country. would you give up the beach for mountains, or mountains for a coast? first there was the boat ride, past parts of the mountain which were quietly sliding into lake, then the cable car, and i remembered it from both a summer and a winter childhood. the fog [...]


in switzerland plants grow so ferociously. a warm explosion of lush leaves and flowers of almost every colour. i am not exaggerating; blue, yellow, orange, pink, white, purple. all represented in any random handful of wildflowers grabbed from the meadow. suburban cats have long grass and high smells to roll in. the joggers, the children, [...]

houses on unsteady cellars

the surreal house at the barbican didn’t give as it promised, although maybe getting a definitive impression from a surrealist show is a flimsy hope. architectural bits and pieces in amongst it though? a bit out of place imo. and, so many tiny tiny photographs… am i stupid? i didnt want a blockbuster, but i [...]

SKorea v Argentina

i watched the football, it comes and goes… photos direct from korea to Bin. like a war and after the game.


firstly, it’s just another northern town. highway severing, high street emptying. senselessness of place, a sense of placelessness. but the abandoned spode pottery works are full of treasure. but not to forget the raw materials which created Stoke; a north-south ribbon of coal, clay and heavy woodland – the necessary components of the pottery industry. [...]

houses without windows

and damon marshall was doing this at university and we laughed.

the line of east london

on sunday morning i strapped on my dalston sandals and walked to the east london line. (on the way stopping at a car boot sale to buy a brooch in the shape of a golden mouse holding a golden cat one 20th its size among other delights) the east london line is a revelation: moving [...]


second photo is crack fox by nic a year and a half ago. there do seem to be more foxes in the city than usual this summer. A typical urban fox has a territory stretching across 80 city gardens, there is one who slumbers under the deck in our garden. foxy facts…