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Monthly Archives: April 2010

stoke summer

not yet, just a glimmer. bare legs ambitious. i go walk around abney park cemetery often, dont know what season i prefer. winter is stark and brutally gorgeous but only if it snows, autumn obviously has coloured leaves which work well against the stone but then they too are turned to mush on the ground. [...]

a pale sky

is a warm sky, and pink is suddenly everywhere. i was home before dark and the flowering saucer plant was opening up.


blah blah. you buy seeds, put them in soil, water them and they grow. then you accessorise them with black wool or other natural fibres, put them outside and photograph them before it gets too cold or the wind blows them over.

not much to say

australian hillside as english village rainbow chard seedling re-using his seed as a crash helmet cat with face, either very angry or stoned i made olive and spring onion bread but this is not the time or the place