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Monthly Archives: March 2010

ruined / more beautiful

i want to fly so i can cry

either the altitude or the distance cause tearing/tearing a seat by the wing is surely either safer/less safe from a dying point of view. 1. dawn in australia, skinny dry river snake 2. tiny buildings and tiny bridges in london 3. the Pyrenees on the occasion of my great-grandmother’s 97th birthday 4. and Gerhard Richter [...]


the cats try to help. batting at the delicate sprouts, headbutting my arm, trying to get into my crack as i bend over. they weren’t there for the humiliation of carrying dirt around the streets though. just in it for the garden dance-off. the cats are licorice and sherbet. and on the window ledge are [...]


a little bit of spring in almond blossoming. softness to the wintery spanish hills of Porrera, home to some famed wine. here the grapes are planted in taut stretches wrapping up the mountainous slopes. apparently the wine made here is so good (and rare) because the plants have to try so hard to squeeze out [...]


yesterday i felt like such a crow, today more like a chough, below. oh, the colourway! the chough is known for its ostentatious flying style and successfully reintroduced to the English countryside. probably wont become extinct.

boom digga

so symmetrical is the world that here he is once more in my life; the sonic manipulator. direct (gen confirm?) from swanston street to broadway market. the melbourne sun on his foil suit has overcome him and the last five years busking there have paid for his ticket here, ready for a long hot summer [...]

spring sprouts

apparently i cannot put my baby seeds into their drawers outside till after the last frost. when is The Last Frost? I had thought it was over, the second day of spring was 11degrees. my poor cramped sprouts, kept on cotton-wool inside the window. there are those who wear their legs bare only from june [...]