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Monthly Archives: February 2010

no green vegetable shoots

yet. just a bitterly cold and barren wasteland of earth un-forthcoming. this is an old one (repost…) in an old style, but a timeless melodrama.


the sun comes out. i read the guardian and have a cup of tea from a design mug after a saturday trip to the garden shop. should have bought some organic olives from the local farmer’s markets too. but i do have six tiny trays of dirt and seeds now, as well as two planter [...]


today for the first time i hated london and england, but then just as i looked out my window onto the slow darkening of a damp sun-less sky, a tiny light came on in a neighbouring house and it looked warm. and my own room was warm too. the problem with reading Viktor Frankl’s Nazi [...]

no divorce whores

in primrose hill the pale low sun brightens white against dark knuckle trees and crispy winter sky. the museum of everything is a cavernous sequence of rooms, up stairs and down low-ceilinged hall-ways; a big old house filled with strangeness. these are works by jailed mental patients, racists, homophobes and the common unsettled. nostalgia, sentimentality, [...]